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CanReg5 is an open source tool to input, store, check and analyse cancer registry data.Logo

It has modules to do data entry, quality control, consistency checks and basic analysis of the data. The main improvements from the previous version are the new database engine, the improved multi user capacities and that the development is managed as an open source project.

Also included is a tool to facilitate the set up of a new or modification of an existing database by adding new variables, tailoring the data entry forms etc.


In which languages is it available?

Already available in English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese.

More information

For more information on how to get hold of it, migrate your data from CanReg4 and more, please refer to the handbook available here or contact canreg(at)iarc.fr. There is also a series of recorded webinars on CanReg5 available for download or streaming on the website of Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR).

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Download the latest version of CanReg5

The latest version of CanReg5 is 5.00.40, released in October 2016. (For more information, about recent changes, please see the changelog.)

Windows only

CanReg5-Setup.zip ~15 MB

  • Download the CanReg5-Setup.zip to a temporary directory.
  • Double click on the file CanReg5-Setup.zip to open it.
  • Double click on CanReg5-Setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  • After installing CanReg5 follow the instructions in the abovementioned handbook.
All operating systems

CanReg5.zip ~15 MB

  • Download the CanReg5.zip to a temporary directory.
  • To install CanReg5 extract all the files from the CanReg5.zip to the folder you want to install it in. (For example in a folder called CanReg5 on your desktop.)
  • After installing CanReg5 follow the instructions in the abovementioned handbook.